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What’s a big difference between Betting on the Future and buying a Stock. The main difference between betting on the future and buying a stock is the fact that if you think on the future, you’re traditionally investing the money of yours in something which has a higher possibility of happening. However, when you get a stock, you are buying a portion of an entity that’s got the possibility to do good or bad in the near future. You will find 3 main types of betting on the future: political bets, economic bets, and social bets.

Political bets call for predicting how events are going to unfold in relation to parties- economic bets or specific political candidates involve predicting how specific market trends changes over time and social bet involves predicting how people will interact within particular groups (e., social media platforms). When placing your bet, its vital that you capture that much information as you can about the game you’re betting on. Look up the rating and team stats, understand who is playing and what their chances are of winning, as well as read some news articles or blogs associated with the game you’re interested in actively playing.

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Contact Us

“Centre for Peace Trust”
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Goregaon East,
Mumbai – 400 063

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